Bazor Dev

What is Bazor Dev?

Bazor Dev was created by Brently Bazor to help business owners and entrepreneurs.

Brently enjoys helping businesses and entrepreneurs build and maintain software and products.


As an entrepreneur, I learned that you can not do everything yourself. You need to hire the right people to do the right job.

I help businesses create and maintain products and software so they can service their customers without having to learn all the confusing code that comes with being a developer.


In 2010, Brently created his first website. One year later in 2011, Brently started his career in the world of Software Development. His first job was with a 3D Simulation Company.

It sounded like a dream job, and it was! It was like being able to play video games as a job, except you got to build it too.

A year later in 2012, Brently began his journey into Mobile App Development. This was such a turning point for Brently. He realized that many of the programs and applications in the future would be build for mobile devices.

That same year, Brently started his own Martial Arts Studio. While teaching martial arts is not exactly the same as software development, Brently did create the website and software he used at his studio. This software help keep track of all things related to his business allowing his team to focus on providing the best quality experience for their clients.

This lead to the creation of Brently's other company, a marketing and website design company. Brently leveraged his knowledge and skills of communication and marketing to help other business owners create processes that helped changed their businesses for good.

After a few years, Brently was contacted by several companies and decided to focus on Software Development again.

Next in 2018, Brently was tasked with the challenge to help an insurance company leverage the power of mobile devices to eliminate the use of paper forms for the business. This enabled workers to decrease the turnaround time for their reports and processes.

After that project was build, Brently was given another opportunity to join one of the fastest growing businesses in the financial industry. Brently brought his skills of communication and productivity to the table, helping them increase their consistency and sustainability.

Currently, Brently is still helping company grow and produce high quality products.

Brently enjoys helping businesses and entrepreneurs build and maintain software and products.


Since starting his professional career in Computer Science, Brently has gained knowledge on many different subjects.

When first starting out, Brently learned usefully skills like programming and web designed. These skills gave him the ability increase his communications skills through group projects.

After opening two different businesses (a website design company and a martial arts studio), Brently's ability to communicate with other while managing teams of workers increased drastically.

Being the mastermind of multiple companies at once, it allowed Brently to develop high level productivity and communication skills that empower people and business to thrive without hitting burnout.

Now, Brently enjoys building helping companies build and scale projects with unbelievable productivity.

Brently enjoys helping businesses and entrepreneurs build and maintain software and products.